GPS Surveying
Mapping Services


Why do we integrate GPS data to produce maps?

  • Accurate documentation of square footage for maintenance purposes.
  • Accurate depiction of shapes for maintaining the integrity of the design.
  • Ability to measure distances quickly and accurately.
  • Ability to add or delete features.
  • Detailed documentation of all drains, trees, signage, etc.
  • Provision of digital data compatible with a variety of software.
  • Data can be integrated into all irrigation central control systems.

As-Built drafting plans

Utilizing both GPS mapping and CAD drafting, One Pond Inc. produces irrigation and drainage
as-built plans for developers, architects and contractors with an exceptional degree of accuracy.
We take the guesswork out of producing these documents that will satisfy the most rigid
contract requirements.

Combining GPS with Digital Aerial Photography

We can expertly combine digital aerial photography with the data collected from a GPS mapping project to produce an accurate, scalable and highly useable database that will make property management more efficient.

Whether the scope of the map is a single golf course or an entire county, combining data sets
into one useable document is the most efficient means of managing data. Isolating data layers
gives you the ability to turn them on or off. The perfect long term planning tool for all types of governmental agencies, real estate developments and golf courses. The combination of data
and photography can also be used as a base map for any irrigation central control system.

Golf Course Blueprint Restoration and Updates

Old golf course blueprints and traditional hand drawn blueprints can be transformed into digital
data and then updated with current information from field notes or GPS data. There are several different types of data, which can be produced for use in your Golf Course Management Program.

  • AutoCAD format.
  • Digital blueprints.
  • Shape Files for use in GIS and Irrigation software.
  • Traditional paper colour prints.

Laminated Field Maps are great for using out on the course. A book of maps can be created
to your specifications. Data such as yardages, laterals, mainlines, flow-zone information and
valve location can be included to eliminate the need for carrying awkward, full-size blueprints
in your cart.

Hole maps

Hole maps are generally produced for hardcopy distribution, a golf cart companion and/or as
an interactive internet mapping environment.