Irrigation Design
Specification Packages
Irrigation Audits


Why use a professional irrigation designer?

  • A professional irrigation designer will save you money
  • Will design a sprinkler system as hydraulically efficient and as suitable to meet the necessary demands of your course

What you will receive

Preliminary Design:

A preliminary design package which includes:

  • Initial mainline pipe sizing and routing (CAD)
  • Prelim. placement of heads, mainline, valves, laterals (CAD)
  • Design specifications
  • Quantity list
  • Cost list

After an examination and approval of the preliminary design, the next step is creating the final design and required specifications.

Final Design and Documents

  • Pipe size is corrected and finalized
  • Full colour working drawings
  • Detailed CAD file
  • Specification package

- General specs.
- Material specs.
- Installation specs

  • Pump specs.
  • Installation detail drawings
  • Quantity list